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Winterize Your Commercial Roof

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Winter in Wilmington, NC is all but predictable. However, we have been known to have our cold snaps and the occasional winter storm dropping snow. This often leaves us with frozen roads, bridges, and pipes. As we prepare for winter in the south lets not forget about the commercial roof of your business!

Commercial Roof Winter Hazards

With age, all roofs naturally develop issues, aging roofs require extra attention to ensure they are safe through the winter.

One of the things that are predictable about Wilmington, NC winters is that we have temperature swings starting with a freezing low to a mild, almost medium-high. Ice dams are a common occurrence that forms near the transition between the cold and warm roof surfaces. We see this primarily when there is already water/ice on the roof. Ice dams result in water pooling across your roof which can lead to damaging roofing materials through the freeze, thaw, and refreeze process.

For business owners with commercial roofs in Wilmington, NC as with all locations, it is wise that you have a preventative maintenance plan in place. In addition to having this in place, make sure your commercial roofing contractor checks your roof regularly. This especially needs to be checked well before freezing weather is expected.

These efforts will allow you and your preventative maintenance contractor to spot major potential issues easily. However, to achieve a true winterizing, it is best that you hire a certified commercial roofing contractor. They will handle the heavy lifting and ensure your building and employees are safe from the risk of partial or full collapses.

Commercial Roof Inspection

If you think this is an obvious suggestion, you’re right, but you’d be surprised those with preventative maintenance plans that do not include a yearly inspection.

Buildings with newer roofs should be shown the same amount of attention as those that are older.

What’s included in a Commercial Roof Inspection:

  • Physical Examination
  • Careful Documentation
  • Thorough reporting back to the building owner

With a thorough inspection completed and recommended repairs reported, it is wise that you have these completed before the heart of winter hits. For more questions on winterizing your commercial roof, contact us today!

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