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Use Your Patio Year Round With a Glass Enclosure

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A glass enclosure from All Seasons Roofing allows you to use your deck or patio year round. Enjoy natural sunlight without the cold harsh temperatures in the winter, or the bugs and humidity in the summer.


An Outdoor Getaway

A glass enclosure is a great extension to any home. When added to an existing deck or patio, it creates a comfortable outdoor living space that your family and guests can enjoy. These enclosures add natural light to your home, which can cut down on electrical costs. Each glass enclosure is fitted to your home’s dimensions and your own personal taste. A great addition to the house can also increase the property value of your home.

The warm space can be used all year long, for any occasion. Whether it is used for enjoying your coffee every morning, or entertaining parties, everyone will love your new space. The glass area creates an outdoor experience while in a comfortable, bug-free zone. The glass roofs provide extended views of your land, perfect for stargazing, sunbathing and nature watching.


Patio Glass Elements

Customize your glass enclosure to fit exactly what you are looking for. All Seasons Roofing can create and install any type of glass enclosure to an existing deck or patio. To begin the installation you will have the option to choose from a straight roof, cathedral or a curved roof glass exposure. This will complement the design of your home, as well as create the space you are imagining. To create the perfect living space, we will install doors, stationary and sliding windows to create airflow, and fit the customized design you have chosen. We have a list of materials that can fit any budget and design, with a choice of aluminum, wood, and vinyl. All Seasons Roofing works with companies such as Metals USA, Structall Building Systems, PGT, and Custom Window Systems, to get the highest quality products.


We have trained professionals installing our roofs and enclosures for our homeowners. They have tons of great experience and have been servicing North Carolina for three generations. Transform your home today with a glass enclosure from All Seasons Roofing. Call All Seasons Roofing today at (910) 653-1634 for more information on glass enclosures for your patio or deck.


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