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Thinking of Building a Sun Room?

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Who doesn’t love Wilmington NC in the summer? It’s no secret that summers in NC are anything but predictable, but with a sunroom, your summer can be enjoyed regardless of the heat flashes, sporadic rainstorms, and even the cold snaps in the winter.


What is a Sunroom?

A popular addition to the modern home, a sunroom is a place to enjoy a drink as the sun goes down, lounge with guests, entertain family, or simply a way to enjoy a bit of time outside without being bothered by the intense heat or annoying insects. Also referred to as sun porches, patio rooms, garden rooms, solariums, and even Florida rooms. Sun rooms have the ability to transform your living space.

Before you run out to Lowe’s, take a look at our suggestions before deciding if a sunroom is the right addition for you.


Size of a Sunroom

Not the most important of things to consider when contemplating if a sunroom is right for your Wilmington home, but an important thought indeed. A sunroom is meant to be an extended living space; however, we have seen homeowners go too far with these which results in a sunroom that looks out of place due to it succeeding your current home’s layout.

We see with most homeowners that a 10×10 or 12×12 is the most ideal size, especially considering most of these spaces become useful year round. Meaning that during the Wilmington summer, these will need air conditioning. Likewise, for an unpredictable winter, heat will be needed.


Best Location for a Sunroom

This is the most important thing to discuss when making the decision to add a sunroom. This ranges widely across the US and the world, primarily attributed to the positioning of ones home and geographical location in proximity to the sun rising and setting.

For those of you seeking a sunroom in Wilmington NC, it may be best that you place your sunroom on the northern side of your home in hopes of preventing overheating before the evening when you arrive home from work to enjoy this space.


What is a Sunroom made of?

Sunrooms are primarily made using vinyl with aluminum supports. Some homeowners opt to have sunrooms built by materials that match the rest of their homes. Sunrooms are able to be built using almost any material, with the main piece requiring attention being your window selection. All in all, treat this the way you would the rest of your home, this room will receive a lot of use. It will need to stand up to the pressure of your needs.


Which Windows Are best for Sunrooms?

Always use windows with a high UV rating. This allows you and your guests to sit in comfort, without the fear of sunburn!

Live in the Wilmington, NC area and have more questions about Sun Rooms? Contact us today!


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