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Are you looking for that perfect conversation piece for your home? A centerpiece, or possibly that really creepy looking lamp that you saw at the drift shop? Well, look no further, because maybe it is time to look into getting a solarium.

What are solariums and why are they so spectacular?

Solariums, also known as sunrooms, are beautiful and unique glass enclosure buildings that allow the entrance of the maximum amount of light into your home. It gives you a comfortable and unobstructed view of the outdoors at any given time of day. You can look at the stars, listen to the rain, bask in the sun, all while being indoors and staying away from pesky bugs and the weather.

Because these pieces are so unique, they add a ton of character to your home and be the perfect conversation piece that you can also enjoy. When creating it, you even have the option of choosing what material to use for the structure. It can be done in vinyl, aluminum, or even wood if you would like. Most of the time they are conveniently added to your porch or they can even be freestanding such as gazebos, conservatories or greenhouses.

The shape of it can also be manipulated to your gusto depending on what personality you want to give it and the use. Most sun lovers go for a curved glass roof that lets in even more light – but you also have the option of a straight roof, cathedral style roof (our favorite), or one that is personalized to complement the architecture of your home.

Regardless of what you are looking for, All Seasons Roofing can help you with your solarium needs while also giving you quality, efficient and durable work. Our solariums have been installed all over North Carolina and Wilmington and our team of experts never let our clients down. If you think that this is the conversation piece you have been looking for, contact us today so we can give you our expert opinion and estimate.

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