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Slate Roof, For Now. Forever. Well, 175 years+

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There are dozens of solutions out there to a litany of problems.  The same goes for roofing.  With 3 generations of roofing in our blood, nobody – or darn few, can give first hand advice like we can and do.  There are certain cliches that become such, because they are true to some extent. This one might be a qualifier.  “You get what you pay for”, that’s what we’re talking about here.  We’re all functioning on different needs, demands and economic factors, which is just how society is built.  However, if your set in your home and plan to stay, or even want to give it a timeless upgrade, slate roofs are the way to go.

Just as with building a home or a building, there are different guidelines and tiers, if you will, that allow us to know about how long goods we invest in might last.  Some shingles are good for 20 years, some 50 years.  With that in mind, that scenario plays out every day across the globe as structures are built.  You can build a home that will last 300 years if you have the means to do it, and there is a builder that can do it, too.  Now, most people wouldn’t go this route because they’d be long gone by then. But on occasion, people pull out all the stops – simply because they can.  Often the mantra “do it once, do it right” comes to mind.  I tend to side with that when at all possible.  I’d choose a smaller house to be built out of bricks vs. vinyl because it’ll last a lifetime or two before you have any issues in most cases.  That leaves only a few things, your roof and your windows and doors. This in itself is what makes it great, we all have choices and preferences to meet our needs.

As to slate roofing goes, it’s tough to beat. Chances are, if you’ve seen a house with a slate roof, maybe as you were growing up – it’s the same roof.  Often they will have some moss here and there, but for many that adds to the beauty of the home.  Slate roofing, when installed correctly is a beautiful thing to see. Many people move ahead with copper gutters to seal the deal once they have committed to this level of material and cost.  It’s all relative to your plans or goals, and when and if it’s the right time to buy a slate roof. One thing is certain, as the climate patterns change – these won’t melt or blow off as easily as other options out there.  So, if you’re thinking about a slate roof, reach out to us and we will get you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the world of slate roofing.

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