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SBS Modified Bitumen Roofs

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SBS Modified Bitumen Roofs

SBS Modified Bitumen Roofs are primarily build to help protect against weather and moisture, they are thick and durable, helping with roofs that hold water for long periods after it rains, or leaky roofs. In a location near Wilmington, right off the shore, be safe that your building is waterproof and safe. These roofs are beneficial to areas which hot asphalt cannot be used on like hospitals, schools, and high rises. Great for your business’s office or commercial building, take a look at the way these roofs are made differently from others.

SBS Modified Bitumen Roofs or styrene butadiene styrene roofs are made by modifying the asphalt in a modified bitumen roof. The roof has a rubber-like consistency created from the polymer mesh inside the bitumen. This allows the roof to stand longer and better against weather and aging. They are created by taking the best attributes of a built-up roofing system and applying it to the qualities of a single-ply roof. The standard modified bitumen roof has a base sheet for waterproofing, which is similar to a single ply system.

The roofs are put together by applying hot mopping asphalt, by torch application or with cold adhesives. SBS modified bitumen roofs can be coated with foil or granule, to create a UV protective barrier to the surface. They can be maintained by in-house staff, rather than having to be maintained by an authorized contractor. For more information on SBS Modified Bitumen Roofs, to get an estimate, or for any questions, be sure to call All Seasons Roofing at 910-799-2197.

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