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Roofing for Winter or Anytime

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All Seasons Roofing has been installing high quality roofing of all types for three generations. Regardless of your application, whether it be commercial or residential, we have the right options, people and expertise to see your project through from beginning to end. When roofing is in your blood, the knowledge gets passed down generation to generation.  Mistakes that could be made by a newer roofer, we waved bye too long ago. When you look at your roof and question its viability and strength, we’re there to help. Everyone can’t be an expert on each item their home or building it comprised of, nor should they be. Leave the roofing to us, at All Seasons Roofing.

With winter approaching quickly it’s always good to be sure your roof is ready. Whether or not we get snow in eastern North Carolina is hit or miss, but rest assured some rain and freezing temperatures will show up, in brute force. You’ll want to be sure your roof has no missing shingles or any other apparent damage leftover from hurricane season.  This is two fold. Once the weather turns harsh, the conditions are more difficult to work in and make repairs, which is why you should always address issues with your roof head on. The longer you wait, as with any problem in life, things begin to fester and ultimately cause damage that need not occur.

Drainage paths on your roof and gutters are a key point in keeping your roof riding itself of water properly. Be sure to keep as much debris as possible off your roof. Fallen limbs can really damage your roof and cause further damage when decomposing for long periods of time. Mold and mildew can begin to build up and other environmental issues that can shorten your roof’s life. By keeping your roof clean you give it longevity and even help reduce debris in drainage areas. Gutters are especially susceptible to clogging with leaves, pine straw, acorns, sticks and other things that can cause drainage issues and rot.  

Ever seen a pine tree growing in a gutter? We have. It’s not a pretty site, comical maybe – but ultimately a bad sign. It may be hard to imagine, but it happens. The debris from months of falling tree bark, dirt and other airborne items can easily form a topsoil like composition; after that it only takes a the sun and a pine seed to land in the right space to begin growing. Once that happens, well – the rest is history.  In short, don’t be the person on your block with trees growing out of his/her gutters. It’s not a good look, trust us.  

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