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Slate roofs are considered to be one of the highest quality and longest lasting roofs available. Because of their difficulty and involved installation process it is important you choose a quality company to purchase and install them. All Seasons Roofing is expert at helping you choose the best type of slate roof, as well as, installing your new slate roof the correct way.

Slate roofing may not be right for everyone but All Seasons Roofing offers superior appearance, durability, fire resistance, and environmentally friendly roofing. All Seasons Roofing is your choice for slate roof installation.

What are Slate Roofs?

Slate roofs have a long and storied history as the highest quality roofs available. It is not unusual for slate roofs to last a 100 years or more. The slate roof tile materials come from slate, a fine-grained rock composed of clay and volcanic ash. Many of these rocks, when expert cut in the quarry, produce large smooth flat stones that have been used for years to roof structures. Because of their low water absorption (-.04%) they resist not only water but freezing as well. You will find slate roofs on many European historical buildings.

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David Smith

All Seasons Roofing did an amazing job on our community center. Their professional team came prepared and replaced our roof days ahead of schedule. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable roofing company

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