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Roof Maintenance Program

Roof Maintenance Program

Avoid Premature Replacement With A Roof Maintenance Program

Your roof itself is an asset to your property, much like a car, it too needs to be inspected and maintained to provide long term protection and retain its value.  Many home and building owners rely on a manufacturer’s warranty or their property insurance to cover costs when issues arise, however the property owner is still required to properly care and maintain the roof to reduce the risk of preventable damages. Our roof maintenance program will provide you added reassurance that your roof care needs’ will be handled accordingly, extending the integrity and longevity of your roofing system.

All Season’s Roofing – Roof Maintenance Program (RMP)

We easily work with homeowners, commercial property owners, contractors and property managers throughout North Carolina. Our offices are conveniently located in Wilmington, Wallace and Jacksonville North Carolina to provide a wide service coverage area. Property managers and homeowners especially appreciate our roof maintenance checklist for their records. Our team of professional roofing experts are all licensed, bonded and skilled. Our roof maintenance program or RMP’s were designed with our customers in mind to develop a long term relationship after we’ve re-roofed or completed major repairs. The customers taking part in our roof maintenance program continue to benefit from our inspections, regular maintenance and emergency repair services, reducing their risk of unnecessary re-roofing.

Our Maintenance Program Goal Is To;

  1. Reduce roofing costs over your lifetime
  2. Ensure the longevity of your roof
  3. Avoid the cost of a roof replacement
  4. Reduce the risk of additional damage to other parts of your property

Even if you recently re-roofed or completed new construction, there are many environmental and even human factors that can affect the integrity of your roof. A person installing equipment such as a satellite dish, holiday decorations or skylights on the roof can cause unknown damage. Roof systems are susceptible to damage by severe weather such as strong winds, heavy long-term rain, hail and the expansion or contraction from heat fluctuations.  Even the smallest leak on a newer roof can develop rather quickly into a problem requiring a premature roof replacement. Roof warranty programs are best purchased right after a new roof is installed, or after repairs have been made to ensure the maximum longevity. Roof maintenance program costs vary, depending on the size of the roof, type of roof system and other factors. It is standard for us to offer a roof maintenance program for residential roof installation customers, we often begin roofing relationships with property owners through these programs and then provide new roof installation services when their roof system reached it’s prime.  During our free consultation, we will note any observed issues and include an estimate for those repairs within the quote for your custom roof maintenance program.

Typical Roof Maintenance Program Services;

  • 24-hour Emergency Roof Repair
  • Regularly Scheduled Inspections
  • Gutter and Drain Debris Removal
  • Historical Maintenance Log & Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist
  • Analysis of Current Condition and Projected Issues
  • Installation inspection of skylights, solar panels, air conditioning equipment,
  • Evaluation and Notification of conditions that could cause damage to heating/cooling equipment, duct work, electrical, etc.

Why Building Owners Should Have A Roof Maintenance Program?


  • 9 out of 10 roofs are improperly installed
  • Roof Failures are usually a result of poor installation
  • Over 85% of roofs are replaced before their product lifetime
  • In Order to Remain Valid – Most Manufacturer Warranties Require Planned Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Maintenance Programs are tax deductible

Do you conduct your own inspections? If so, a useful guide for homeowners without a roof maintenance program is the NRCA roof maintenance checklist. If you have any doubts, or just want to leave it to the experts contact All Season’s Roofing 910-799-2197 today for a Roof Maintenance Program for your property!

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