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I’ll Tile You What, You Need a Roof!

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Wherever you are in your day, we hope it’s with a good roof over your head. Here at All Seasons Roofing we’ve been steeped in just about every type of roofing application there is, commercial or residential.  With 3 generations of roofers having chewed the fat for decades about what works best, where and when – we know, trust us. It doesn’t serve anyone well to install any product incorrectly or without full knowledge of best practices.  Nobody likes to repeat their effort on a job that should be done once, and done right.  

In an earlier blog I talked about the awesomeness of going with a slate roof for longevity. Some reach 200 years, but really they can last longer. Getting back on track, tile roofs are another fantastic option for putting a roof over your head with some longevity behind it. Not quite slate roof longevity, but longevity nonetheless. Tile roofs are good for 50-100 years, which is a long time. Think about it, if when you were born your parents put a new tile roof on your house and you decided to stay and keep the home in the family, it would last your entire lifespan. Now, had he put a slate roof on, your kids and potentially grandkids could enjoy that kind of forsite. There are several reasons to go with a tile roof, and as I’ve mentioned before – an ever changing climate and landscape make these more permanent options viable.

Tiles are available in a variety of colors and themes. Many people go with Spanish tiles, or mission style, however today there are plenty of options to meet your needs and architectural style. There is an added cost to installing, just like with slate – however as I’ve mentioned they last 50-100 years.  As with anything, how long something lasts is up to its caretaker. Cars, boats, tables, bikes, relationships and yes, roofs. Tile roofs to be exact. All roofing requires some degree of maintenance, some just require more than others. Myself, I grew up in a house with a standard architectural shingle on a brick two story Williamsburg style home. The roof has been replaced once in my lifetime that I recall, which says to me – if the family had the resources to go with tile or slate, why not?  Well, ya just never know. Life gets expensive. Kids get expensive, and sometimes we just have to make choices based on the best knowledge we have in that moment. And that is OK, too.

So whether you have a tile roof, no roof, a green roof or a blue roof – be sure to give us a call.  We’re positive you’ll enjoy having your roof installed the right way by our team of precision experts.  Heck, you might even have a roof party after it’s completed & we’re OK with that (are we invited?) because life is better at the top, or on a roof. (always enter and exit your roof safely)  Fill out this contact form, and we’ll be sure to tile out some time for you.

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