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Give Your Home the Best Protection with Built Up Roofs

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Built-up roofs or BUR roofs are the oldest and most dependable roofs All Seasons has available. All of our installers take pride in their craftsmanship of this type of roofing. Built-up roofs come in a variety of options, and our installers are qualified to install them all!


What is a Built-Up Roof?

Built-Up roofs are made of multiple layers of fabric and bitumen. There are two basic types, asphalt, and cold tar. They both consist of a waterproofing component, reinforcing component, and a surfacing component which protects everything from the weather. When it is installed, our craftsman first lay down the bitumen, which is the cold tar or the asphalt. Next, a surfacing material is layered. The most common surfacing materials are gravel, slag mineral granules, glass-fibers or mineral surface cap sheets. These surfacing materials add thickness to the roofing. To secure the roof, a coating is applied to the top layer for protection. All of these layers will protect your home from leaks and water damage.


Why is a Built-Up Roof the Best Choice?

This style of roofing has been in use since the 1840s. Still being used today, this style of roofing is the most reliable roof for your home or commercial space. The multi-layer roof offers the most protection from leaks, fires, and uplifting. The layers provide a fantastic thermal performance which can save you money on energy bills. Built-Up-Roofing has been used for over 100 years. It offers the strongest roofing material and best protection from all types of weathering. A built-up roof is great for all property types, whether it be your home or commercial property. They come in a variety of options that are great for any budget. It is a great investment to secure the safety of your home and come with a minimal maintenance. If something does happen, they can be easily repaired by some of our installers.

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