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EPDM Rubber Roofs, Flexible and Fun.

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Here at All Seasons Roofing, we know a thing or two about roofing. Okay, we know a lot more than two things, but keep that between us. Or email your whole family, really we don’t mind. Why? Because we have 3 generations of roofing experience working for us like a fine made Swiss watch, if it were made in America. Which would be better. Moving on. EPDM rubber roofs are quite common, as common as a cheeseburger. You get the picture.

The next time you are in a building, check out the roof of a neighboring lower level building. Or, maybe if you’re on a parking deck, or a tall bridge, take notice of the black roofs out there, speckling the horizon. Chances are, most of them are EPDM rubber roofs. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer which is a single ply synthetic rubber and is a superior choice for almost all flat and low sloping roofs. It is cost effective for covering large spaces and installs over a variety of surfaces, however the smoother, the better. You don’t want jagged edges piercing the membrane thus causing a leak. Which, if that happens, or anything happens, they are relatively easy to patch.  

The life expectancy of and EPDM roof can easily exceed 50 years in most cases.  As with any roof, application and location make a big difference. Cold and warmer climates both being opposites also affect roofs differently.  Extreme heat can cause application tar and glue to become more pliable, which could cause a leak if not installed correctly. Transversely, a very cold climate can make the membrane less pliable and more prone to cracking.  While both of these are more extreme, opposite ends of the spectrum cases, they are possible and worth noting.  

In short, nothing lasts forever. But, EPDM roofing is a great solution that is used daily all over the world. But, let’s focus on Eastern North Carolina.  We have a good climate, sure a bit hot and humid and mild winters to boot – but overall habitable. This makes an optimal weather pattern for EPDM roofing to last its longest, not too extreme on either end. With our decades of experience and happy customers under our belt, we know you’ll be happy with the performance of your new EPDM roof, should you go that route.

Feel free to call or contact us today for a consultation or to learn more about EPDM roofing, or other possible options.

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