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How to De-Ice Your Gutters

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With cold weather around the corner, being sure you know how to de-ice your roof is crucial. Not only do you have to not worry about damage to your roof, you eliminate the possibility of a bad roof caving under the weight of snow and ice. We’ve got some recommendations and tips on keeping your roof safe and clear of ice.

De-Icing Gutters on Slate Roof | All Season's Roofing | Wilmington, NC


Ice Pick

Luckily this can be a very fast way to clear your roof of ice, but unfortunately it’s not the safest. No one wants an ice pick through their hand by accident. You also have to be cautious to not hit the roof itself and poke a hole through it.


Roof Tablets

These tablets are a very safe way to work on removing ice from your roof. They create a channel for the water to drain through. Sadly they don’t always land in place if you just toss them up onto the roof, so using a ladder is essential to place them accurately. They also don’t completely melt away the ice dam, more just putting those holes in place.


Heated Cables

Adding heated cables around your gutters gets the job done but can be very pricey to keep up as well as to install. These are great for people that live up North where this is a lot of heavy snow and ice for longer periods of time.


Hot Water

The opposite of snow and ice is hot water. By attaching a hose to your hot water heater and running it through your gutters you can melt away the dams that are blocking the pathway. Unfortunately, as soon as the temperature drops the snow and ice will just reform. Using the hot water is more of a temporary fix.


Check out Wonder How To’s website for more tips on de-icing your gutters. We’re always available to answer any of your questions you may have about de-icing your roof. Use our contact us page or give us a call at 910-799-2197 for any roofing needs!

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