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Common Roof Problems

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Whether repairs are necessary due to general wear and tear or storm damage, we can help restore your roof to be good as new. Here are a few common roof problems that we see and how you can check if your home has them.


A roof puncture is a pretty straightforward problem. Some form of weight and pressure creates a hole in your roofing material. Punctures are particularly dangerous because they are really easy to miss. When your roof gets punctured, it leaves your home vulnerable to things like animals, insects, dust and other airborne pollutants, and of course moisture. Flat roofs are more likely to suffer a puncture because their shape does not displace pressure as well as a slanted one. Make sure that the person you hire to fix your roof is a qualified professional. Be aware that the vast majority of leaks come from punctured roofs!


A leaky roof can cause devastating amounts of damage to your home. Mold, rotted framing, ruined insulation, and staining are just a few issues that can arise from a leak in your roof. The good news is that leaks are very easy to fix! If you think you might have a leak, don’t wait. Being as proactive as possible can help prevent the extensive damage mentioned earlier. Finding roof leaks quickly after they start or even before they begin can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration.

Moisture and Blistering

Aside from those more obvious problems that can come from leaks, there are a number of other issues that you need to consider. Even if you get a leak patched quickly, the water damage may have already set in. Pay attention to your HVAC system! If water ruins your insulation, your house will not be able to hold a temperature as efficiently causing your system to run much more. The most serious issue but least common to occur is a roof deck collapse. This is where the weight of standing water causes the deck that supports the roof to fail. Blistering is caused when water gets trapped below the roof’s surface then turns to vapor and rises, causing bubbling in the roof. The pressure from the vapor can cause new openings in your roof making the problem even worse.

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