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Category Archives: Roof Types

Custom Metal Roofs

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Custom metal roofs are a great alternative to traditional asphalt roofs, as they are great for new homes and commercial buildings. With such a wide variety of materials, price ranges can vary between the size of the structure. These roofs are lightweight, durable, and are fire, spark, hail and wind resistant. Take a closer look […]

The Benefits of Tile Roofing

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Tile Roofs are a unique choice for the roofing of a home as they provide a cultural aesthetic based on the material used. As they were originally made out of terracotta or slate to keep out the rain, there is now a variety of tile material that can be used to match different styles and […]

Shingles or Shakes?

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Roof shingles are always sawn on both sides, while shakes can be sawn, split and sawn or just split, depending on the material. Cedar is a popular type of wood for creating a visually appealing shake roof, as it is also durable. When being split, the soft cedar is cut with the grain to prevent […]

Why Choose Hydro-Stop Roofing?

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At All Seasons Roofing, we have a variety of roofing options to best suit your needs. One of our most popular options is Hydro-Stop Roofing. Highly Versatile Options Hydro-Stop Roofing is an environmentally friendly waterproofing system that is applied to multiple surfaces of commercial buildings. The system is also made of a flexible UV resistant […]

The Multiple Benefits of a TPO Roof

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All Seasons Roofing, serving Eastern North Carolina, is a premier, family-owned roofing company providing commercial and residential roofing services. Building relationships have been a driving factor that has resulted in efficient collaboration with contractors, businesses, and homeowners. Delivering an excellent product in a timely manner is a top priority at All Seasons. Qualified in both […]

What is a Tile Roof?

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With so many roofing options on the market, it can be difficult to determine what is considered a tile roofing product and what is not. It is an important concept to understand since tile roofs are so different than other roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal, and wood shingles and shakes. From their history and […]

PVC Roofing: Is It For You?

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All Seasons Roofing has been installing roofing of all types for over three generations, so it is safe to say that we are highly qualified in all phases of residential and commercial roofing. We have the right materials, expertise, and people to see your roofing project from the beginning to the end, that’s why you […]

Slate Roofs and You

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Slate roofs are synonymous with quality. They are the longest lasting roofs available and considered to be the very best roof you can get. All seasons have 3 generations of experience installing roofs of all kinds and we can help you choose the best kind of slate roof for your home. Some of the key […]

Advantages of a Tile Roof

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Tile roofs are one of the sturdiest, longest-lasting roofing options available. All Seasons Roofing has three generations of experience installing roofs of all kinds and we can help you choose the best kind of tile roof for your home. Tile roofs are gaining popularity among homeowners, as well as beginning to take over the roofing […]

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