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Category Archives: Residential Roofing

Custom Metal Roofs

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Custom metal roofs are a great alternative to traditional asphalt roofs, as they are great for new homes and commercial buildings. With such a wide variety of materials, price ranges can vary between the size of the structure. These roofs are lightweight, durable, and are fire, spark, hail and wind resistant. Take a closer look […]

Shingles or Shakes?

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Roof shingles are always sawn on both sides, while shakes can be sawn, split and sawn or just split, depending on the material. Cedar is a popular type of wood for creating a visually appealing shake roof, as it is also durable. When being split, the soft cedar is cut with the grain to prevent […]

Residential Roofing in Eastern NC

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When it comes to residential roofing in North Carolina, there are a variety of roofing businesses to choose from. However do they provide outstanding customer service from start to finish, offer free estimates for first-time customers or have three convenient locations in Eastern, NC? All Seasons Roofing has been awarded as the leading residential roofing […]

Residential Roofing Types

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There are a ton of choices to make when you’re thinking about installing a new roof on your home. Finding the right style of roof and materials to compliment your home’s architecture can be a complicated process. At All Seasons Roofing, we’ll help you when choosing the perfect roof for the right price, and we […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

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It is that time of year again. Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning. With spring fever in the air, it is the perfect time to start cleaning up your garage, spruce up your landscape, and clean your home. However, it is important for you not to forget your roof. A long, cold and snowy winter […]

Roofing with All Seasons Roofing

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All Seasons Roofing has been installing quality roofing for 3 generations. It’s no secret to our customers that we know roofing, and are tried and trusted experts in the field. We offer a wide range of choices when it comes to residential roofing options, which you can see and explore below. Please feel free to […]

EPDM Rubber Roofs, Flexible and Fun.

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Here at All Seasons Roofing, we know a thing or two about roofing. Okay, we know a lot more than two things, but keep that between us. Or email your whole family, really we don’t mind. Why? Because we have 3 generations of roofing experience working for us like a fine made Swiss watch, if […]

Slate Roof, For Now. Forever. Well, 175 years+

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There are dozens of solutions out there to a litany of problems.  The same goes for roofing.  With 3 generations of roofing in our blood, nobody – or darn few, can give first hand advice like we can and do.  There are certain cliches that become such, because they are true to some extent. This […]

Roofing for Winter or Anytime

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All Seasons Roofing has been installing high quality roofing of all types for three generations. Regardless of your application, whether it be commercial or residential, we have the right options, people and expertise to see your project through from beginning to end. When roofing is in your blood, the knowledge gets passed down generation to […]

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