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What to Think About Before Adding a Florida Room

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Also known as a sunroom or sun porch, the addition of a Florida room to your home allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the harsh temperatures, bugs or rain. This addition to your home can be used all year round because it is temperature controlled. This allows you to enjoy your summers without overheating or your winter sunshine without the cold air. Adding a Florida room to your home can be a big decision, so there are some things you should think about before moving ahead.


How Big Should it Be?

The possibilities are endless! You can make your Florida room as big or small as you want. All Seasons Roofing has a variety of designs using an existing patio and just attaching walls and a ceiling, or creating a room off of an existing roof line. When deciding how you would like to add a Florida room, there are some other things to think about. First, you need to consider how much of your property you are willing to give up. You also have to look into your local zoning laws. There may be regulations on how large your home can be and how close it can be built next to your neighbor’s property. Once you add on a Florida room the square footage of your home will be larger, which means your property taxes will increase.


What Would I Use it For?

Will it be big enough to host parties, or just small enough for your relaxation needs? The size and usage of your potential Florida room will impact if a heating and cooling system will be needed. When the team at All Seasons Roofing installs a Florida room, they use insulated, solid roofing, that will match the existing roof on your home. When it comes to the walls there are multiple options to choose from. There are aluminum or vinyl panels with screens and glass windows. This choice allows you to control how much outside air is allowed in the room. You can add lighting and ceiling fans as well to help control air flow.


Where Would You Like it Built?

When deciding where to place your sunroom, you want to consider the daily position of the sun. You want your Florida room to get a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight daily. The best position on your home for a Florida room would be facing south. Within your home, it is ideal to have the Florida room near the kitchen. This gives you and your guests easy access, and get the most use out of the room. Finding a wall in your home that already has a door and a window can reduce the cost of your Florida room drastically.


A Florida room built by All Seasons Roofing is completely customizable. Our team of experts knows how to get the most out of a Florida room. They can help you decide the right size and the right place to get the most benefits out of the space. We use high-quality products with custom window systems so you can be sure your Florida room was built to last.

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