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Average Roof Replacement Cost in 2016

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roof replacementRoof Replacements are Necessary and Can Be Affordable

The old saying, “keep a roof over your head” is one of the most important things we deal with in life. A roof over your head is sometimes taken for granted- until you need a roof replacement. When you plan maintenance for your home; the best money you can spend would be investing in a roof replacement. We use the word “invest” as it is possibly the most expensive upgrade you can make as a homeowner.


What determines the cost of a roof replacement?

Roofing contractors have to look at several variables to determine what your roof replacement is going to cost when they give you an estimate:

* The pitch of your roof

* How accessible materials needed are

* The cost of the materials

Due to the cost of the materials; the costs for a roof replacement can change drastically. Michael Allen, owner of Above It All Roofing states an average low for a replacement can be about $5,000 and that would be for an asphalt roof. If you have a higher-end roof the cost would rise to about $25.000. On the average, Allen says to expect approximately $12,000. So now you understand a bit more why a replacement is more of an investment than any other home improvement project you will have done.


Importance for a roof replacement

While the costs may be on the higher end of home improvement amounts, this is one project you cannot put off or avoid. That “roof over your head” keeps you and your family protected and safe and is not a project that you can delay or afford not to have done. Sales and marketing manager for H & S Roofing Company in North Carolina says they were able to put an asphalt shingle roof on a low-income housing development for around $4,000; however when replacing a slate roof for another client it ran about $150,000. This shows you there is a huge difference in price when you look at a difference in materials.


How factors affect the costs

* Size of your roof is the largest factor as the larger the roof, the more time and materials it will require.

* Pitch of your roof, or the slope, determines the cost also as if it is too steep it is not considered “walkable.” A roof that has too great a pitch will require extra safety precautions.

* According to Homewyse the materials needed effects the cost as there is a huge difference in their initial costs and then the amount of labor it takes to install the different materials. Metal roofs can be twice as expensive as asphalt and slate can be as much as five times more expensive. A residential roofing project using metal roofing will have you paying more as it is a higher quality than asphalt shingles. It also takes special skills to install.


There is a residential roofing company in Wilmington, NC area providing affordable and quality roof replacement

A residential roofing replacement and repaircompany in Wilmington, NC area; are the experts in replacing your roof. All Seasons Roofing has a team of licensed, bonded and certified roofers ready to help you “put a roof over your head.” They are affordable and perform quality work earning them the reputation of being a strong leader in their industry. Contact them for a quote on the repairs they can perform for you as they understand the need to work within a budget.

All Seasons Roofing is a residential roofing company you can trust as they maintain costs through honesty and professionalism.

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