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Adding a Slate Roof to Your Home

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A slate roof is one of the longest lasting roofs available on the market due to their high quality and durability. If you are looking for a tough material for your new building, or even redoing and upgrading one, slate roofs are a great option for its neat look and known strength.

What is a Slate Roof?

Slate roofs are made from small pieces of tile material made from slate, a fine-grained rock made from clay and volcanic ash. These rocks are gathered from a quarry and cut to produce long smooth flat stones. They work great on roofs because of their low water absorption level, at -.04%. In addition to water, they are also efficient for freezing temperatures, perfect for a Wilmington home in the winter.

Lasting Popularity

Slate roofs originally became popular with European historic buildings. They are known for their beautiful and classy appearance, giving you a more modern look with a classic feel. Slate roofs are also environmentally friendly, as well as water, frost, freeze, and fire resistant. They are a great addition for new homes helping you prevent any unexpected issues down the road.

With a lifetime of over 100 years, there is no match for durability when it comes to roof types. This is important when thinking about the safety of your home or building, and the loved ones who will reside inside. As the installation can be tricky and time-consuming,  it is crucial to find a team of experienced professionals who can install slate roofs correctly. All Seasons Roofing is a great choice to get your slate roof up and installed properly, as our team of experts is certified to do so. All Seasons will also work with you and your family from the start of the project by helping you pick out a slate roof to match your home, but also your budget.

For more information on getting started with a Slate Roof, or for a free quote on your building, call All Seasons Roofing at 910-799-2197.

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