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Tips for Installing a Sunroom

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Do you enjoy the sun but hate the heat? If so, then you may find yourself considering a sunroom for your home! With Summer just beginning to heat up now is the perfect time to transform your deck or patio into a fabulous sunroom! Don’t think you have to go about creating a sunroom on your own though! All Seasons Roofing is Jacksonville’s top enclosure specialists! So if you’ve decided that you’re ready for a sunroom, read on to discover some tips we have for maximizing your sunroom!sunroom

Cost vs. Value

When beginning the process of transforming your deck into a sunroom, the first thing you will always want to do is request a consultation. This discussion allows the contractor to see your home, and determine the best way to go about enclosing the space, as well as enable them to give accurate pricing information.

Once you have learned exactly what the transformation will involve, you should always sit down and weigh the cost of the sunroom to the value that the room will have for you. Sunrooms can often get pricey, and once you add in the electrical costs and any additional decorating you’ll want to do, you will need to compare the total costs to make sure that you can afford the enclosure.


So now that you’ve weighed the costs and value and made sure that electricity will reach the room, it is time to look at screens to enclose your room with. When creating a sunroom experience, there are so many different screens on the market and making the right choice can be crucial to enjoying your sunroom. We recommend that you choose screens that are glare free. Having a glare-free screen will allow you to be able to avoid being blinded by the sun when enjoying your room.

Permits are Important

If you decide to enclose your deck yourself, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the required permits to avoid any problems with your city. The good thing though, is that if you use a reputable contractor, such as All Seasons, the contractors can help and sometimes even take care of obtaining all the permits for you!

National Building Standards

Your sunroom is part of your home and must meet building standards established by national and local code councils. This is usually checked in factory tests, but you will also have to make sure that with the added sunroom to your home still meets your city’s standards.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you know everything about getting your sunroom transformation started, contact us today and let’s get your enclosure in gear! The Summer flies by so let us help you enjoy it while it lasts!


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