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Roof Ventilation

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As a homeowner, you probably already understand the basics of ventilation. Everyone knows that ventilation is the flow of air through a system. So you may be wondering why ventilation is necessary for your roof. Well, fear not, because we have some answers for you! We are your number one provider of roofing in Wilmington NC, so we’re your local experts.

Each roof ventilation system is unique to each home, and they can help in many ways. Each roof ventilation system has both exhaust vents and intake vents, just as any ventilation system in your home. Keep reading to learn about how installing one of these ventilation systems on your roof can do for you.roof ventilation

Life, Extended

Installing a ventilation system on your roof can help extend the life of your roof.The life of your roofing is dramatically improved during the winter months when you have proper roof ventilation.

When heat is trapped during a snowstorm, the snow will melt, and the water will then freeze, causing icicles to form and cause a lot of unnecessary weight and damming to occur on your roof. The icicles will also pull at your roof as they can rack up weight quickly and all they do is hang. You can always tell if a home has proper ventilation when the home has no icicles.

Reduce Energy Costs

Let’s be honest; everyone wants to pinch the penny and save money anywhere possible. One of the biggest growth areas for saving money is with your energy costs. Energy costs are on the rise and all of us homeowners often dread our electric bills coming in the mail each month. Proper roof ventilation though, will help you beat that stubborn electric bill.

Roof ventilation is particularly useful during the summer when we are running our air conditioners non-stop to avoid feeling the heat. Roof ventilation actually allows the heat trapped in your home to escape, allowing your A/C not to have to work as hard. Talk about an awesome perk of roof ventilation.

Reduce Indoor Temperature Shifts

Have you ever walked downstairs and the temperature feel 10 degrees colder? Or maybe your upper body is warm, and your floors are freezing? Proper roof ventilation can also help you combat these strange temperature shifts you feel at home.

Using proper roof ventilation will have your home feeling comfortable all year round! Talk about the perfect temperature.


Are you ready to get your electric bill and roof maintenance cost down by adding roof ventilation? If so, contact us at All Seasons Roofing today! We’re the experts in all things roofing and can have your roof ventilating properly in no time! We look forward to your call!


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