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PVC Roofing

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Benefits of PVC Roofing

With over 10 different roofing styles, All Seasons Roofing is one of the premier PVC roofing providers. PVC Roofs have a lot of benefits which we have listed out below. We work on this style constantly and have a lot of experience in. Some benefits of PVC roofs include:

  • High flame resistance making it easier to gain a Class A fire rating.
  • Very energy-efficient due to their highly reflective nature, which lowers cooling cost and pollution.
  • The recyclable roofing material allows the old roofing material to be reused.
  • PVC roofing lasts a very long time. Over a 100-year period it would only need 3-4 replacements while normal roofing would need 8-10 replacements.
  • Heat welded to create a tight and strong bond which consequently keeps the moisture out of the seams.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Can be placed directly on top of old roofing saving you money for removal.
  • They are flexible and as a result allow the roofer to customize it to the specific roof.


This roofing style started back in Europe in the 1960’s and got perfected in the US in the 1970’s. We are here to ensure that your roof is 100% effective and looks beautiful. Using PVC Roofing is just one way that we can accomplish that goal. Contact us today to get started with PVC roofing for your residence or commercial location!

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