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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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With a new year upon us, New Year’s Resolutions are always on everyone’s mind for a “New Year, New You” attitude. We want to make sure you don’t forget “New Year, New Home” too! We’re wrapped up our Top 10 things you can do as New Year’s Resolutions for your home.

New Year’s Home Resolutions

  1. Change Your Lightbulbs – Go through your house and change all your incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient ones. This will save you money year-round!
  2. Smoke Detectors – Be sure you are checking your smoke detectors for problems as well as changing the batteries. This is such a great preventative measure in a fire, it’s important to keep them up-to-date.
  3. Carpets – Start your year off right with clean carpets! Then in late August give them another good look to decide if they need another thorough cleaning.
  4. Dryer Lint – It might be time to clean out your dryer vent. Use a plumbing snake to pull out the excess to make sure you’re getting the best use of your dryer.
  5. Shower Molding – Ensure that your shower or tub isn’t leaking onto the floor by checking the grout in the tiles as well as the sealer to make sure it’s tight and not cracking.
  6. De-Clutter – A clean home is a happy home! Get to that spring cleaning earlier this year and work on getting rid of some of that old junk you really, really don’t need anymore.
  7. Faucets – When you’re brushing your teeth, turn the water off! This can save water as well as save on your water bill!
  8. Window Cleaning – Cleaning your windows is essential to having a beautiful, well-sealed house! Be sure the seal around them is good and keeps the heat/air inside!
  9. Chimney – Get a chimney sweep to come help you get your chimney clean. This is a great center piece to a home, be sure you can use it!
  10. Roof Shingles – Check your roof for any missing shingles, or any damages or leaking. Then you can give us a call to come help you fix anything!

We hope this list will help motivate you to get your house looking spiffy for 2017! If you want to reach out to us about getting number 10 done right, check out our contact us page and get in touch with us today!

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