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Why You Need a Pool Enclosure

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Are you thinking about enclosing your pool? Perhaps you have a pool installed, and initially didn’t spring for an enclosed pool but you’re starting to notice your neighbors all have enclosed pools. Or maybe you’re hoping to set a new trend in your neighborhood and want to be able to take a dip regardless of the weather. Whatever the reason may be, All Seasons Roofing is your go to for enclosing your pool- we even put together some reasons as to why you need an enclosed pool. Keep reading to learn more.pool enclosures

Turn Down the Heat

It can get hot during the summer months, and building an enclosure around your pool can help you escape the heat and still enjoy your pool. We use top materials to enclose your pool, which makes up a top choice for pool enclosures. Once the screen is installed, you will notice a great reduction in the solar heat gain by the pool, especially in the summer. Research shows that a pool enclosure absorbs up to 70% of the sun’s heat and glare. The enclosure acts as a buffer between you and the sun meaning that you’ll feel cooler at the pool, as well as be protected from the sun’s powerful rays.

Add Value to Your Home

Another great thing about adding a pool enclosure to your property is that you avoid the heat and add tremendous value to your home! Adding a pool enclosure helps increase the value to your home in three key ways.

  1. Increased Property Value: One of the most coveted additions to a home is a pool, and having an enclosure is also one of the most popular pool additions and increasing your home’s value when it comes time to sell your home.
  2. Space, Space, Space: Not only does adding a pool enclosure add to the value of your home, but it also adds extra space to your outdoor living area! Think about how much space you have to store things by the pool that won’t get ruined because it’s covered. For instance, if you have a plethora of pool floats you can save them here and not in your house, freeing up used space.
  3. Visual appeal enhancements: Adding an enclosure to your pool also adds to the visual aesthetics of your home. Enclosures make your home look more elegant and appealing to those who may visit or ride by. Talk about a great conversation piece!

Keep the Wild Out!

Do you hate snakes, squirrels, lizards, raccoons, or any other type of critter that could scurry up next to you while enjoying the pool? Well, with an enclosure you can keep the wildlife where it belongs- in the wild. A pool enclosure also keeps out insects and annoying flying critters. Say goodbye to those horsefly bites! Having this enclosure protects you and your family from any animal carried disease, as well as allows you to enjoy the pool with your family pet around as there is no threat for another animal to cross them.

Easier Pool Maintenance

Nobody likes to spend hours cleaning bugs, leaves, and other debris from their pool. We also don’t enjoy shocking our water every two weeks because of algae, and other environmental threats. With an enclosed pool you won’t have debris in your pool and can more than likely cut down on the number of chlorine treatments and filters you will need to purchase. The enclosure could pay for itself in the saved maintenance costs!

Have we convinced you to add a pool enclosure to your pool? If so, contact us today to get things started! We look forward to helping you make your pool goals a reality.


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