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Holiday Lighting Tips

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Safety and Decorating for the Holidays

As the holiday’s approach, you are probably getting ready to decorate your house, both inside and outside. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your holiday tradition of covering your home in lights, be sure that you’re doing it correctly. We’ve combed through and found some of the best tips and tricks to ensure your house, roof, and yard are set up for holiday cheer.

Use Caution

When installing your exterior lighting, be sure you’re using a sturdy ladder. The last thing you need is to fall and hurt yourself before the holidays. Be sure you also avoid trees that come in contact with power lines. And lastly, secure your lights with an insulated holder, not tacks or nails.

Hanging Roofing Lights

Waterproof Lights

Majority of your outdoor Christmas lights are already tagged with the underwriters lab (UL) notion on it so you know it’s water-resistant. You want to be sure you’re using the appropriate light bulbs so you get the most out of your holiday light show. You also never want to use indoor lights outdoors.


Wet Christmas Roof Lights

C7 & C9 Bulbs

The difference in these traditional holiday lights are wattage and size. The C9 is bigger and easier to see from a distance. Both come in multiple colors and are great for illuminating your home. Be sure that you never link more than 3 strands together and only connect them if it’s a strand of 25 or less. The larger stands aren’t meant to be strung together.


C7&C9 Roofing Lights

Different Types of Bulbs

  • Incandescent – These give you a classic, warm glow.
  • LED – Last twice as long but can give a cold feel.
  • Wide-Angle LED – Have concave tips that throw the light.
  • Transparent – Visible filaments, your more well-known outdoor light.
  • Ceramic – Look as if they’ve been painted, another well-known outdoor light.
  • Globe – LED inside a globe bulb for a sweet look.
  • Net Lights – Usually mini-lights or small LEDs in a webbed circuit, great for shrubbery.
  • RGB LED – Programmable diodes that can be almost any color, great for shows or themes.


Christmas Roofing Lights

Hopefully, after you follow these tips, your house will be the best looking one on the block! Here at All Seasons Roofing, we’re always here to help with your holiday and safety needs. Be careful getting on your roof to decorate and contact us with any questions regarding your roofing or safety needs!

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