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Enjoying the Sun and Light: The Pros and Cons of Solariums and Sunrooms

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The need to have more sunlight, light and the feeling of being outdoors in Wilmington, NC while you are still enclosed and free from the elements, has led to the growing demand for structures or additions to existing buildings to support these needs. The answer to these needs generally comes in two forms; solariums and sunrooms.


solariums and sunrooms

  • Solariums can be a free-standing structure, like conservatories, greenhouses or gazebos, or an attachment to a house having glass walls and roofing as its main feature. Its main intent is to capture as much light as possible while still being free from the elements.


solariums and sunrooms

  • Sunrooms, on the other hand, refer to a room that features very large windows or one that has glass walls on all or most walls. Enjoying the sun is the most common intent for adding sunrooms to buildings. It is also referred to as a Florida Room. This idea came about as people entertained the idea of enjoying the sun from a patio or from a porch. You can have a modular sunroom or have it attached to your house as an extension.


Advantages and disadvantages of solariums and sunrooms

If you are unsure of what to have to maximize light and enjoy the sun in your Wilmington NC residence, you need to look at the pros and cons of both the solariums and sunrooms.


Solarium pros

  • A solarium has an amazing view of both the surrounding environment and the sky.
  • It maximizes the enjoyment of the sun as it comes in from the roof and the walls as well.
  • You can enjoy the sun and the environment without having to expose yourself to the elements.
  • They are usually impressive structures which will make a good addition to a compound as well.
  • A solarium will increase the value of your home

Solarium cons

  • The glass roof on a solarium is not maintenance free. Particular attention will have to be taken to keep the glass clean and free of leaves, twigs, and dust.
  • The glass roof will need to be replaced much sooner than a conventional roof.
  • The summer sun can be punishing and the glass roof will not provide adequate protection. You may have to install customized blinds to keep the sun out which will add to your overall costs.
  • While they are attractive and add value to the property, solarium construction is pricey.

Sunroom pros

  • One main advantage of the sunroom is that you can use it all year round just as it is.
  • The thermal-insulated roof will keep the hot sun away and the summer cold off.
  • The costs of keeping it in good shape are quite low as it is virtually maintenance free.
  • A sunroom if very easily attached to most homes as an extension.
  • It will add to the attractiveness of your property.
  • It will add credits to your overall property value.

Sunroom cons

  • This structure does not feature a full view of the sky. You will be limited to views of the place surrounding your sunroom.
  • When you want to enjoy the sun, you will not enjoy it fully because the roof keeps the direct sun away.
  • The lack of privacy is another major drawback of sunrooms as large windows allow a free view of the inside.


The key to good solariums and sunrooms is the construction. All Seasons Roofing can let you enjoy the sun and light, affordable and for a long time.


You can see it for yourself by visiting us online! Or call us at (910) 595-1043 to learn more about what we can do for your solariums and sunrooms.

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