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Category Archives: Roof Types

Is a TPO Roof Right for my Jacksonville Business?

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Building a commercial space in the Jacksonville, NC area? Or already have a commercial space and beginning to notice it’s time to replace your roof; you should definitely consider a TPO Roof from here at All Seasons Roofing. TPO Roofs are one of the fastest growing commercial roofing products. TPO roofs are the material of […]

Benefits of Tile Roofs

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When it comes to roofing, tile is slowly beginning to take over the roofing industry, and this has many people wondering why? Well, the main reason that tile is taking off is that it has durability beyond compare, reduce energy costs, and offer top notch protection. Tile roofing is designed for long term performance, comes […]

Types of Asphalt Shingles

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So you’ve been in the market to replace your roof for months. And finally, you’ve decided that asphalt shingles are the route you want to take. You begin shopping around for the best deal on asphalt shingles when you discover there are multiple types of asphalt shingles. Panicked, you pick a random one, and they […]

Best Roofing Material for Your Beach Home

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With All Seasons Roofing being located in the lovely town of Wilmington, this was sure to come up at some point, right? Whether or not your beach home is your permanent address or just somewhere for you to vacation at, chances are you love it and want the best for it. This should also include […]

What Type of Roof Should Be Over Your Head?

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If your business is looking to upgrade the building you’re housed in, be sure that includes the roof overhead. Many companies begin thinking about the inside of their building and the look of it before considering the outside. If your building doesn’t have a great roof, it could cause damage to the inside from the […]

The History of Slate Roofs And Their Modern Advantages

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Slate roofs have retained their appeal to people who prefer something different on their houses other than what everybody else is roofing with. Source Natural stone is the source of roofing slates. Slate is basically metamorphic rock formed underground by the combined forces of intense pressure and heat. Slate, being essentially stone, is fireproof and […]

Get the Classic Look of a Slate Roof!

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Why a Slate Roof Might be Right for You You have to put a lot of thought into getting a new roof. Not only is it an essential element of home design, it’s also one of the most obvious! Having (and maintaining) a good slate roof can do wonders for your house’s curb appeal. Slate […]

TPO Roofs for Your Building

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What Goes Into TPO Roofs? More and more commercial buildings are starting to use a TPO roof. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. That’s a lot to say, but the important thing is that TPO roofs is a material that manages to be cost-effective without sacrificing quality. TPO roof is actually single-ply membranes applied over a […]

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